Which is better? Brand or Refurbished

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Everybody loves a brand new phone. After all, why shouldn’t you? The new box smell, unscratched screen, quality wrapping, new charger and earphones are what you paid for and you deserve it all. What about refurbished mobile phones though? Could you have been overlooking them all this time? Maybe they are the better choice and you never really knew. So, which is really better? Is it the refurbished phone with impeccable resilience or the brand new mobile phone with endless possibilities? Well, keep on reading, because you are just about to find out!

Refurbished mobile phones

Note that a refurbished phone is not the same as a used phone. You could call it an improved used phone instead. A refurbished phone is made when a few components of used functioning or malfunctioning phones are assembled together to form a usable mobile phone.


Would it be better to get a refurbished phone?

Sometimes, it could be better to get a refurbished phone if you think of some of the advantages you can get. Although they aren’t new, it doesn’t mean that they are bad.

  • Are more affordable

A refurbished phone will always be cheaper than a new one. That means that you can acquire your dream mobile phone at a much lower rate. Are you interested in saving some cash? Then refurbished is the way to go.

  • Performs just as well

Get a well refurbished mobile phone and you won’t be able to tell the difference between it and a new mobile phone. It will open all your apps smoothly and give you all the services that a new phone would give you.

  • Are environmentally-friendly

Refurbished phones are made from recycled products, so they have a better impact on the environment. Buy one of these and make the world a better place by conserving your surroundings.

Brand new mobile phones

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a brand new mobile phone new? It sounds a bit funny but it’s really important to know. It’s not about the new box or the type of brand. A mobile phone is new only because it is totally unused.

Why you need to get a brand new mobile

If you have been using used mobile phones, it’s about time you stop. Pick a nice new phone, save some money and buy it. Take your time. Here is why you need to purchase a brand mobile phone.

  • Old is not always gold

That saying might apply with other things but not phones. A brand new phone will always be better than an old used phone. Not only is it stronger, but it is also durable as well. Buy a new phone once and forget about purchasing another mobile phone for a while.

  • Reliability

Brand new phones are more reliable, because they come straight from the manufacturer. So, you are the first person to open it. You can always rely on new mobiles to serve you well. Moreover, you want have to worry about your phone hanging all the time and other software issues. Additionally, hardware failures will not be something that you’ll have to deal with anytime soon.

  • Upgrades

One thing for sure is that new phones usually come with some type of upgrade. It could software or hardware improvements. With these phones, you can be assured of better and smoother applications, depending on the model.

  • It just feels right

You have to admit that there is something about new mobile phones that just feels right. The fact that it has been untouched is reason enough. Furthermore, brand new mobiles will make you feel like you are getting enough value for your money

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