What You Need To Know About the Latest IOS 11

What You Need To Know About the Latest IOS 11
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When Apple released IOS 10 in 2016, the new features made the experience with most iPhones really awesome. Now, Apple has opened the lid on the new operating system, IOS 11. This is the next operating system that will take your iPhone and iPad among other Apple products to the next level. Here is everything about IOS 11 that you need to know.

IOS 11 adrift towards the dark mode

For some years, Apple has preferred to stay away from the dark mode. However, IOS 11 edges closer to the dark mode with a new Smart Invert Colours. Though this feature does not completely activate the dark mode, it inverts colours while leaving out the videos and photos. Let’s put it this way; the new feature is an improvement over the older version that inverted all the colours on the screen. Now, your smartphone will only invert some colours so that the user can continue seeing the videos and images.

A shift for the volume indicator

In the previous IOS 10, the volume indicator was positioned at the bottom. The new IOS 10 has now shifted the volume indicator to the top section of the video playback. Though the change might be a small tweak, Apple indicates that it will make the experience more authentic when playing videos and audio tracks.

Stronger Wi-Fi sharing capabilities

This is one feature that will make the new operating system a darling of many. The new Wi-Fi sharing capability makes it possible to use the iPhone as a hub for other Apple devices. This means that the new operating system allows you to distribute the internet to the entire house, office, or even neighbourhood. All that you require is to have other devices using IOS 11 to connect and share the internet from the main iPhone.

Enhanced augmented reality tools

Over the last several years, Apple has trained its focus on enhancing AR functionality. Now, the company’s ARKit has standardized and will keep working on enhancing the APP apps in the new operating system. With the new and enhanced AR tools, you are sure of better interaction and intuitiveness. The surrounding will be more realistic with the 3D modelling and special animations.

Additional photo effects and compression capabilities

IOS 11 comes with a new feature, Live Photos that makes images and related operations more fun. For example, you can make the images bounce by simply playing back and forward. For people using the latest iPhones and iPads, it will also be possible to depth-sense dual cameras using the DepthKit. The DepthKit even allows the user to insert objects to get an AR type of effect.

A new payment method and special iMessage features

Everything in the last decade has been gravitating towards enhancing better payment techniques. Apple has not been left behind. The IOS 11 comes with a new payment method, the Apple Pay. This payment method is capable of handling most transactions with those people who are close to you. If you receive cash on the Apple Pay, it will be held in the Apple Cash Card that can be used in most stores just like common credit cards. Besides this, the IOS 11 also comes with an iMessage app that a user can call upon during common conversations or open the app itself.

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