Top Reasons to Make the Switch to a Mobile Contract

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If you’re planning to buy a new phone and are in a dilemma of whether to get one under contract or not, then this post is for you! Read on to find out the advantages of a phone contract over pay as you go and see for yourself if it’s worth it.

No Top Ups

Definitely one of the best advantages with a contract is that you can keep on using your carrier’s services without having to top up your credits. Oftentimes it’s a bit frustrating when you need to make that emergency call and suddenly you realized that you don’t have any credits left.

Subsidised Handset Costs

It’s true that when you get a contract, the actual month to month costs will always be expensive over the long haul as compared to purchasing the phone upfront. However, many of us do not have the cash to buy the phone that we want in the first place, which is why getting a mobile contract is always an attractive option, particularly if you’re eyeing the newest smartphone in the market.

Better Customer Service

In many cases, mobile contract clients typically get better services than non-contract clients. Although this doesn’t always hold true, it makes sense because phone contract clients are committing at least two years to the provider, and these providers will naturally do their best to keep their customers happy so that they will want to renew once the contract has ender.


Network Priority

Although it doesn’t come often, there are times when the networks become highly congested. In those cases, the providers will most likely favour those who signed up under the contract, which means there’s more potential slow-down on PAYG users.

Family Plans

In many cases, contract carriers offer family plans that are way cheaper than going prepaid. Some carriers even offer free minutes when you’re calling registered family members. If you want to spend less on your monthly mobile consumption, perhaps the best route to take is getting your whole family to sign up under one carrier, and significantly cut down on the costs.

Handset Insurance

Of course, this is not a priority as there are always third party insurers and some prepaid carriers that also offer insurance products. However, it’s always nice when an insurance already comes along with your contract for free or at a fraction of a cost, especially when the cost is subsidised as well.


Less Cost for Heavy Users

True it is that a phone contract may be more expensive than pay as you go, but only if you’re a light user. For one, contracts compete with PAYG by having cheaper tariffs with their regular texts and minutes. Meanwhile, they also offer big packages for heavy users, such as a bundle filled with a lot of minutes, texts, and data. If you’re a heavy user under prepay, you’ll most likely end up paying more.

Additionally, many contract providers reward their loyal subscribers with some discounts and freebies, so the more you use your provider’s services, the more rewards you’ll get. Also, at the end of your contract, it’s possible to negotiate for a better deal. Whether you want to keep your existing handset and renew the plan only, or you’re planning to get a new handset, you can bargain for a discount.


Deciding which is better between pay as you go and a mobile contract is always a matter of opinion. However, we honestly think that if you want a new, fairly expensive handset with no upfront payment, and hate the idea of top ups, then a mobile contract must be your best bet.

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