Six Most Effective Tricks to Help You Avoid Roaming Charges

Six Most Effective Tricks to Help You Avoid Roaming Charges
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When people acquire smartphones, the next step is controlling the cost of data, calls, and texts. However, few think about roaming charges that can make your phone use costs to go high with a great margin. In this post, we look at 5 most effective tricks that can help you cut on roaming charges.

Data roaming means that an overseas network has detected your network and expensive rates start ticking immediately. Even when a person is extra careful, the roaming charges may still be pushed down the throat after picking voice calls. When compared to the local charges, the roaming charges on your phone are the most expensive.

It is estimated that over 90% of the people who take their phones during the holiday are unaware of the additional charges. While the EU has capped the roaming charges that mobile operators can impose on member clients, Britain’s decision to separate from the giant union has sparked numerous fears of higher data roaming charges. Therefore, how can you keep the cost of data roaming services low?

Find out about the data roaming fees even when not traveling abroad

For people not leaving the UK, the general assumption is that there are no roaming charges. However, the roaming charges might still be imposed on you when moving to an area that your phone provider does not have a network. Besides, some facilities that operate within the UK such as cruise ships might have their own charges for data and voice calls. It is prudent to find out about the roaming charges even when at home.


Contact your cell phone provider

You need to get in touch with your cell phone provider when planning to travel abroad. Many cellular phones companies have special fees and policies for their clients traveling abroad. Before leaving, reach the cell phone provider to inquire about the policies and how to keep the cost low. For example, though most cellular phone companies use GSM technologies, some might require you to download their roaming add-on.

Review voice and data usage

Having reviewed the roaming rates and policies from the phone company, it is time to narrow down to personal data use. First, find out whether it is really necessary to receive calls. If you are leaving for the holiday, it might be advisable to plan appropriately and stay offline. Find out whether you really require the internet and real-time GPS services. The cost will mainly be determined by how you use the smartphone when traveling away from the UK.

Consider only leaving calls and texts on while turning off roaming data

For people who want to make calls and send texts but need to keep off data roaming services, it is important to turn off data synchronization and data roaming services. The options are located on the devices connection settings. On most Android smartphones, the roaming feature is on the Setting>wireless controls>mobile networks>data roaming. Even when you disable the data synchronization and roaming, most of the other functionalities will remain the same.

Be aware of apps that can turn on the roaming services automatically

Even after turning off data synchronization, it is important to know that the settings might be turned on by some applications. Some apps are designed to override the data roaming settings and could make you to still incur a lot of expenses when traveling abroad. Therefore, you might need to consider leaving the phone at home and renting a different one when traveling.

If you only want internet access, put the smartphone on Airplane mode.

The airplane mode on your phone turns off most phone applications but leaves out the Wi-Fi on. You can, therefore, access internet in any free Wi-Fi hotspot such as in airports, coffee shops, and major shopping malls. Besides, you can go high tech by downloading Google Voice app that makes your phone number convert voicemail to sound files that can be accessed in Wi-Fi hotspots.


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