Nokia 3310 – A look at key features you wish your standard smartphone had!

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The unthinkable finally happened and what was a couple of years ago a pipe dream became a reality. The second coming that was once a figment of our imagination is no longer nigh. Don’t get me wrong here. If you are a Christian, I am not alluding to the second coming of Christ but rather the return of the iconic Nokia 3310! Long before iPhones bust into the scene, Nokia 3310 was king and the phone everyone was angling to own.

The return of the iconic Nokia 3310 is sentimental so to speak and has awakened memories of a time when this particular device made our lives a living bliss. Indeed, Nokia 3310 defined an era and set the path to the release of some of the most magnificent smartphones we have today. The best-selling phone of its era, those who owned Nokia 3310 at the crack of the millennium have nothing less than sweet and nostalgic memories of this device. Fast forward to 2017 and a revamped, more stylish and feature rich new Nokia 3310 has been released to the excitement of its lover.

Perhaps, you are wondering why the release of the new and revamped Nokia 3310 is all the buzz. Well, if you didn’t own it back in the day, you might not be able to fully comprehend why it was a darling to so many people. I am not about to go down the memory lane. On the contrary, I am here to tell you why some of the key features of this magnificent phone will put your current smartphone to shame. In other words, you would wish that the same features were on your smartphone.

Month-long battery life

Did you just choke on your coffee? I mean, is this real? Holy Moly! This is indeed the stuff that legend is made of. The kind of feature that makes you say, oh boy! Believe it or not, you can use the new Nokia 3310 for a month before plugging it into a power source. In other words, a person could get into a comma, recover from it and this magnificent gadget would still be running! How cool is that! If only our smartphones could last that long! With the new Nokia 3310, plugging your phone to the mains every 24 hours is a thing of the past.

A gaming experience like no other

The original Nokia 3310 was synonymous with “The snake” game that defined it in every sense. Back in the day, snake game was the most popular thing in the Nokia 3310 handset. Well, the new Nokia 3310 has even brought about more excitement with a gaming experience like no other. While standard smartphones boast of some of the best games you can imagine of, nothing beats the feeling of playing snake game on the revamped Nokia 3310 using keypads! It’s like a blast from the past only that it gives you nostalgic memories.

Support for headphones

Well, this is for the iPhone owners who no longer can plug in headphones. The revamped Nokia 3310 supports wired headphones and this means you can listen to your favourite music on the go!

To sum it up, the new Nokia 3310 is something of a novelty. Its pocket friendly, allows for microSD expansion, not to mention its form and pocket friendly factor. Some of its features will without a doubt put your standard smartphone to shame! Its pocket friendly and therefore you can purchase it and go down the memory lane! Time to play snake again on a gadget that defined the game!

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