iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Why iPhone X Remains The Undisputed Leader

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When Apple launched the iPhone X, it was touted as the benchmark that was likely to define the smartphone industry in the subsequent ten years. But Samsung was not taking it lying down. It promised to hit the market with an incredible piece that would shake the market. The big promise is now out; the Samsung Galaxy S9. It features huge improvements from the previous version, Galaxy S8. However, there is a consensus that the Samsung Galaxy S9 did not match the iPhone X. Here is a closer look.

The Bionic is still the speed leader

With every new generation smartphone is a faster type of processor. Now, though the Snapdragon in the Galaxy S9 greatly improves the performance of the previous model, the Galaxy S8, it was still impossible to unseat the A11 Bionic CPU in the iPhone X. While the Galaxy S9 is the fastest piece in the Android family, iPhone still surpasses it by far. When compared on the Geekbench 4, iPhone X scores amazing 10,357 while Galaxy S9 comes a distant second with 8,295. Note that the higher the score, the better.

Animoji beats the AR Emoji by a huge margin

Animoji (3D animated emojis) that mimic your facial expression that was introduced with iPhone X is more engaging and highly polished. The Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji was designed to counter the Animoji in iPhone X. However, they lack the fineness depicted in the former. Though Samsung deserves thumbs up for using its own spin in the AR Emoji, there are some things that do not actually work. The avator in the Galaxy S9 misses the mark and does not bring out the user clearly. Besides, the customizations are limited, and videos generated by AR Emoji can easily confuse because the gestures look unnatural.

Face ID

When Apple introduced the Face ID, every person wanted to see how the feature would work. By tapping into the company’s focus on advanced AI, the Face ID has proven very enthralling, reliable, and fun to use. But this is not all. The Face ID is now being used to confirm mobile payments using TrueDepth imaging system. While the Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan combines face recognition with iris scanning, the experience is still not as seamless as that reported in iPhone X.

Though Bixby is awesome, Siri still outdoes it

If there is one area where Samsung came very close to knocking iPhone X, it is on the virtual assistant. Here, it is good to tell the plain truth; Siri is flawless. The biggest drawback for Siri is that its low compatibility with third-party apps. This means that you cannot tap the huge knowledge base the way Google Assistant works. Despite this, Siri is still amazing especially for setting timers, creating reminders, and dictating texts.

When you compare the Bixby’s onboard assistant, it is impossible to get the experience such as that of iPhone X. Even with the huge improvements reported in the Galaxy S9 Bixby that makes it able to provide an instant translation by pointing the phone camera to a text, it still lags behind.

From the review, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy S9 was a great step in the right direction. Though its design and appeal remain enthralling, most of the features put it in the second row when compared to iPhone X.

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