Ensuring your smartphone battery lasts!

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As a smartphone owner, you no doubt know the feeling. You may have charged your phone overnight and have 100% power at the start of the day but come late afternoon and your phone battery is down to its last bit of power.

Although batteries have certainly improved, they hardly last a day. This is because we are constantly busy with our phones, checking emails, surfing the web, checking out social media, using apps and playing games. No wonder the batteries don’t last!

In this blog, we are going to look at a few tips and tricks that could help your battery last a bit longer.

Keep your charger close

Before you start practicing battery saving tips, it’s always useful to have a charger with you. Why not buy a second one and keep it in your bag. That way, if your phone needs a quick charge all you need to do is find a plug point. The great thing about modern smartphones is that most of them charge relatively quickly, so even if you plug it in for 10 minutes, you can easily add 20 to 30 percent battery power. If finding a plug point is a problem, consider a mobile power bank. These can give your battery a boost without the need to ask someone if you can use their power.

A cool battery lasts longer

High temperatures are a real danger to your smartphone battery. Why? Well, if your battery is left in the sun, or placed on a hot surface, it will heat up significantly. This just reduces the life span of the battery significantly. So make sure you never place your battery on a hot surface or directly in the sun, especially for long periods of time.

Also use the correct charger for your phone and battery. If you use another type, although it will charge the battery, in all probability it will cause it to be far too hot during the charging process. If you are using the correct charger, always make sure the contact points are kept clean. Never charge your battery overnight. Once it reaches 100%, remove it from the power source.

Run your battery down completely

If you are anything like me, you hate it when your phone switches off because the battery has run out of power. This is a good thing, however. Your battery should be fully discharged at least once every two weeks. This helps to ensure that all the cells are discharged and then fully charged once you plug your phone in again. If you never run your phone down, some cells are never used and simply become redundant which lowers the ability of your battery to hold a charge.

Power cycle your smartphone

Smartphones have many processes running in the background that we often don’t even know about. It is wise to reboot your phone every now and again. This stops all applications running in the background and restarts the ones that are essential. In other words, you might have left an app without closing it. That drains power, even though you are not using it. A reboot will help in this case.

Close applications once you are done with them

Following on from our point above, make sure that once you have finished playing that game or using a certain app, you close it and remove it from your phone’s memory. Even if it is not a very power intensive app it will drain your battery if you do not exit it properly.

So there you have it, a few simple tips to ensure your smartphone battery not only last longer but that you will get a longer lifespan out of it.


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