AR Tools: The New Frontier in the Smartphone Market

AR Tools: The New Frontier in the Smartphone Market
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Think of pointing the smartphone to a building to know its history, estimated value, and offices located in it. Well, that is the reality of smart AR (Augmented Reality) tools. When Apple announced that it would be including the best AR tools in its iPhone 8, the debate on selecting a good phone and what to look has shifted. Well, days of using the processor, RAM, display and camera as the main buying points are long gone. Note that these features are very important.  However, you have to factor the AR tools because they deliver greater value, special experience, and unique attachment.

What exactly are AR tools?

Augmented Reality tools help to turn the immediate environment into a unique digital interface by simply focusing the phone on the target object. The images are seen in 3D models without the need for trackers. It is the ultimate thing that you can expect from a smartphone; knowing everything from identifying plants in the wild to buildings in the city. In this post, we look at the main AR tools and what to expect.

The AR Ruler

This is a digital ruler that allows you to get the real measurement of surfaces. The tool uses the camera to get the length and depth of surfaces/objects.  The application is customizable to give the readings in meters, inches, or even millimetres. For example, you only need to focus the camera on the London Eye to know its height. This tool is especially helpful when you are buying items such as wood, metal bars, or carrying engineering works because you can get accurate lengths of walls or surfaces using the phone.

Augmented Reality

This is a unique tool designed on the POI application. When you open the application and walk through London or other cities, it will show the location of nearest stores. Then, you can hit on each store to check whether the item you are looking for is available. This is a perfect way to do your shopping, especially when traveling to an unfamiliar town.


This is a unique application loaded with a lot of features. In fact, mobile phone providers prefer calling it a GPS toolkit because it is more useful when venturing outdoors. It contains useful tools such as tactical GPS receiver, binoculars, heads-up display, and gyrocompass. Besides, it also features a speedometer, moon/star/sun finder, and other tools. By simply pointing the camera to an object, the phone generates GPS info, history, size, angles, and a lot more. For example, a scientist working on plants identification can get the details of each by simply pointing the camera to it.

The plane finder

This is where things get really amazing. The plane finder requires you to only point the application at a plane to get every detail about flights in your region. The app generates the airline, flight number, speed, attitudes, routes, and even craft registration. The tool connects with the main flight data providers to guarantee the most updated flight details on their smartphones.

The star walk 

Ever thought how the sky really looks like? No need to wonder any longer if you get a phone with AR tools. The star walk AR tool is one of the best features for stargazing. You simply point the phone camera to the sky to get a clear overlay all the bodies up there. Move the phone slowly to get an enjoyable walk through the sky. You can even record video so that a detailed capture can be reviewed later.

When you set out looking for a new phone, do not simply limit the search to the common features; it is the AR tools that are defining the smartphone world. For example, Apple and Samsung have promised that they will include top AR tools in their iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 respectively.

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