All there is to know about the newly released IPhone X

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2017 marked the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary. To mark this momentous occasion, Apple went through hell and high water to ensure they blow their customers’ minds away. While everyone was expecting, an iPhone 8 and/or 8 plus, they bombarded us with the suave iPhone X. This phone was hands down the belle of the ball (the apple event) managing to steal the heart of every iPhone fan and without a doubt completely overshadowing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. This does not come as a surprise however, since the phone happens to be both a beauty and a beast in performance.


To ensure that this anniversary was truly momentous, Apple decided to make some drastic changes to the exterior design of the iPhone. The first move being their bold decision to let go of the iconic home button, a feature which has been synonymous with iPhones since their genesis in 2007. This unforeseeable change is thought to mark the beginning of button-less iPhones. However, despite scrapping the home button, users will still be able to access their homepage using a swipe movement.


To justify its lack of a home button, Apple dubs the iPhone X as the display. That they had this in mind while creating it is crystal clear at a glance. The phone boasts an impressive 5.8 inch, edge to edge screen making it also the first iPhone without bezels. To further solidify its place as a pioneer, it has a never- before-experienced super Retina HD display with 2436 x 1125 pixels that is expected to produce sharper images to greatly enhance a user’s phone experience. It also has a top of the art OLED screen that further boosts the quality of its images.


To complement the impressive glass front is an exquisite glass back which makes the phone instantly more alluring. In order to ensure that the glass is as durable as it is classy, Apple claims that it has used the strongest glass in the history of the smartphone in making it.


A faster phone is always something to look forward to and to that effect the iPhone X will not disappoint you. It comes with six processors, two of them dubbed performance cores are 25% faster while the other four called efficiency cores are a whopping 75% faster. They have also introduced a new chip A11 Bionic which is touted as the most powerful and smartest chip in the mobile industry. This astounding chip is said to have a neural engine that’s capable of up to 600 billion operations per second.

Facial Recognition ID

Another revolutionary feature in the iPhone X is the facial recognition ID which can be used to unlock your phone and use Apple pay. This amazing feature has replaced the Touch ID in line with Apple’s “iPhone X is all display” theme and is said to be so accurate that it can recognize you in low lighting conditions.


Apple also managed to improve the quality and the abilities of iPhone X’s cameras tenfold. Expect to be wowed with a front facing camera that is capable of mapping your face and transforming you to an amiemoji (animated emoji).There is also a vertical facing camera which has better integration with augmented reality apps. To charm you further, you can now mimic a studio’s lighting effects with the portrait lighting feature. This incredible feature will instantly make your photos look like they have professional lighting.


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