A look at 5 must have apps for your smartphone

A look at 5 must have apps for your smartphone
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What would we do without mobile apps in this time and age? Think about it for a moment. There is virtually an app for everything. Whatever question you ask, there is an instantaneous response in “isn’t there an app for that?” Truth be told, mobile apps have made things easy for us. We no longer have to log into a website to make a purchase or even pay for it. We no longer have to log into Facebook through a website to socialize and interact with friends. We only have to use an app and we are good to go. That said, there are some mobile phone apps that you should never miss in your mobile phone whether you are buying a smartphone for the first time or if you are a regular user of smartphones.

Of course, the kind of apps you will have in your phone is dependent on your tastes and preferences, the nature of your work as well as the type of phone you have (think of android and iPhone platforms). That said, what are some of the must have apps on your smartphone?

Google drive

This app is absolutely free though you might be required to pay for additional storage. It’s a cloud storage app that enables you to safely store your files for future reference and access. The fact that this app basically syncs as well as stores critical information makes it a must have for any individual keen on ensuring they don’t lose their data when their mobile phone gets lost or stolen.

Facebook messenger

With over 1 billion users, it is correct to say that virtually all your friends even the ones who have died recently own a Facebook account. In that light, installing a Facebook app on your phone makes it easy for you to interact and socialize with your friends without having to log into the Facebook website. The app is free to download from Google playstore as well as the Appstore. Add to that the fact that the app is privacy conscious with messages sent to and from encrypted and you get to understand why you have nothing to worry about installing Facebook messenger on your phone.


No doubt, we are living in an age where everything is done digitally. We no longer have to carry around notebooks to keep track of what needs to be done. Evernote app is the solution to all your problems and a must have app on your phone as it enables you to clip webpages, take notes, record voices, outline your to do lists and is without a doubt your all round digital app.

Avast mobile security and antivirus

In this time and age where identity theft and theft of vital personal and financial information is at an all-time high, you can’t afford to have a smartphone without an antivirus app. An antivirus program is essential in providing your phone with basic protection as well as keep track of what other apps on your phone are doing. Also, with the antilock component, you can remotely wipe out your phone in the case it is stolen to avoid sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.



WhatsApp has taken the world by storm as a messaging app and therefore it’s one you cannot afford to miss on your smartphone. It allows you to chat with friends, share images, voice notes, audios, and videos just to mention but a few. With so many people relying on WhatsApp as a means of communication, WhatsApp is indeed a must have mobile app.

To sum it up, the above mobile apps are not exhaustive. Considering the fact that are millions of apps for virtually everything, the list is endless. However, there are basic apps that your smartphone must never miss and this is most depended on personal needs as well as tastes and preferences.

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