4 phone charging myths you thought were real

4 phone charging myths you thought were real
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A huge number of the population has got smartphones, and with the intense daily usage, they need to be charged. Users end up with chargers in the car, office and at home constantly charging the phone.

This has led to the emergence of a number of myths, and some of them have taken a hold of the society. Here are 5 such myths debunked.

Overnight charging kills the battery

This is one common myth that has gotten to every household. However, it’s not entirely true. Yes, charging your phone overnight and every night is not a healthy thing to do. It can lead to overheating, so ensure that you place it in a cool area before you plug in that charger.

Phones are smarter than you think and can tell when the battery is full. When plugged in, these smartphones stop charging and prevent the battery from being in use. This then prevents them from dying out.

Let your phone die out completely before charging it again

This is another widespread myth with no basis whatsoever. The worst part about this myth is that it does more harm than good. Letting your phone get to 0% before plugging it in makes it even more unstable. Here’s the thing, your phone has got a finite number of charge cycles so you really shouldn’t let it get to 0% as that subtracts a cycle of the count.

Try and maintain the battery charge in the range of 50% to 80% for a longer lifespan. The lithium cells in the batteries are much better off charged than left to get to 0%.

Don’t use your smartphone while charging

Truth is, you can use your phone as much as you want, and you just have to ensure that you’re using a quality charger that’s in good condition. Off-brand and other third party chargers may cause the phone to overheat when charging and increase the chances of causing harm to others. So if there’s an email you need to send, or you want to check out the latest news but your phone is still plugged in, just use it. Don’t fret.

Any charger works, even an off-brand one

Chargers need to be created with safety in mind, and that’s what some of the off-brand chargers lack – safety. Experts caution against using third party chargers that are not built by reputable manufacturers. Such chargers may bring more harm than good and may even cause your battery to overheat.

Additionally, catastrophes such as electrocution and explosions may happen when using such cheap third party chargers. So do yourself a favour and get the original charger or one’s sold in a reputable store.

Closing apps improves your battery life

This was true a couple of years back. Closing apps saved the battery life a great deal, but with how smartphones are being manufactured, things are changing.

In IOS for instance, having an app open in the background freezes it. It uses no resources or CPU. Killing the app takes it out of the phone’s RAM so extra processing is required when reloading it again the next time you need it. More stress is put on the phone as opposed to just letting things be.

In android devices, some apps may not even close when you take them off the multitasking drawer.

A better technique would be to prevent apps from loading data in the background and turning off notifications from apps that you can do without. You can also see the apps that are using most of your battery life in your settings.


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