Why Sony Xperia XZ Premium Is The Best Phone When Travelling For Holiday?

Why Sony Xperia XZ Premium Is The Best Phone When Travelling For Holiday?
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The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a special powerhouse that has stunned the long standing giants. Many people in the UK are heading for the summer holiday and do not want to miss an opportunity to capture picturesque sites and staying in touch with friends and family. You can only achieve this by getting the best smartphone.

Samsung and Apple smartphones have colonized the market in the recent past with the former having the highest sales in the first quarter of 2017. Sony has been accused of carrying the huge framework in its home devices and being highly inflexible with design and feature when it comes to smartphones. However, the latest Sony Xperia XZ Premium has changed the narrative because of its enthralling features. If you are planning a holiday in the Baltics, Tropics, Mediterranean or Africa, here are the main reasons why the Xperia is unmatched even by other top models.

The best smartphone camera out there

Many smartphone manufacturers are working tirelessly to make their cameras stronger and highly effective. However, Sony with its history in high-quality cameras does not have a problem in getting what has been considered the best in the market. Its real camera packs a whopping 19MP that no other smartphone has managed to come close. Now, even the market leader Samsung Galaxy S7 only trails from a distance.

The lovely camera means you can capture amazing images whether of sceneries, wild animals, or historic sites. You can never go wrong with this.

The master in slow motion videos

Since Sony released the Xperia XZ Premium, the competitors have been left scratching their heads because of the high efficiency of its slow-motion video functionality. While iPhone 7 was praised for its ability to shoot 240 frames per second, Sony Xperia makes it look like nothing with its amazing 960 frames per second. With the high capability of the slow motion, you can now do mundane things such as a pigeon taking flight. No matter the way you look at it, this slow-mo feature and capability are making the Sony Xperia irresistible.

Large internal storage expandable using a microSD

Your holiday to Italy or Alps for a unique skiing moment means that you make lovely videos and take lots of photos. Now, when you combine this with packed music and videos, you need a phone with a very large internal memory. Sony XZ Premium is packed with an internal memory of 64GB that will carry all your personal data, videos, and other important files. Though this might not be as big as other smartphones, you can expand it to the anticipated level using microSD. Note that you can always enjoy unlimited storage capacity by backing some of the data in the Cloud.

Sony Xperia enthralling display

While the biggest win that makes Xperia XZ premium to outdo competitors in the market today is the camera, its display equally out-shines others. Its glass loop surface that creates a mirror effect has made more people prefer it because of the beautiful outlook even when not in use. It is simply a great way to reflect the world around you.

The display of the Xperia Premium comes with a gorgeous 5.5 inches 4K display packed with amazing 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. When the resolution features a staggering sharpness of 807 ppi, you can expect viewership of videos, images, and programs to be truly enthralling. When you compare this with the latest Samsung S8 display that only packs 2880 x 1440 at only 529 ppi, there is no doubt that Sony Xperia Premium has the upper hand.

Sony appears to have learnt from the past mistakes and its commitment to more effective features is likely to upset the current leaders. Therefore, as you pack for a holiday, make sure to compare Sony Xperia with other top phones to see what will make travelling more successful.



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