What you can do with a smart watch

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The innovation inherent within tech companies will never seize to amaze. Their ability to recognize opportunity is unbeaten. When many people had already written off the watch as pointless, they managed to reinvent it in a new and amazing way. They made it smart and brought a whole new meaning to a watch. While everyone was thinking pocket-size, they created a new direction, wrist-size. A very commendable endeavor as many people will attest. While not knocking the smartphone, there is a certain convenience a smartwatch provides that cannot be reproduced by a smartphone. Here is some of the reasons why

Fitness Tracking

A smartwatch can prove very valuable for fitness fanatics or any person who is mildly interested in their health. With a smartwatch not only can you monitor your heart rate and count your steps, but through it, meeting fitness goals is as easy as abc. Using sensors built into the watch, fitness applications are able to use real-time information to advise you on ways to achieve your fitness goals. With expert advice, on how you can improve your health at wrist level, it is difficult to see how anyone would fail to meet their goals. Clearly, having a smartwatch is a fitness asset. It is similar to a personal fitness accountability partner.

Music on the go

Another reason everyone should be scrambling to get a smartwatch is basically music on the go.  Smartwatches are what music lovers dreams are made of. Wearing a smartwatch is equivalent to having your music at the palm of your hand. With it, playing, pausing, forwarding, rewinding, shuffling and repeating songs only requires a momentary flick of the hand. Additionally, in the event that you are using your smartphone to play music, your smartwatch can act as a very resourceful remote control. Evidently, you haven’t really had your playlist on your fingertips until you have a smartwatch.


With this additional point, the benefits of having a smart watch are becoming more and more incontestable. Having a smart watch is comparable to having a map on the go. It is certainly an answer to the prayers of everyone who has gotten lost in a dingy part of the city because they’re too afraid to take out their phones or just anyone who discretely wants to follow a map. Smartwatches have built in GPS sensors which can be used to direct you to your destination discretely and with no hitch. Definitely a must-have for explorers


Their ability to allow users to answer calls and even send messages is what makes smartwatches a necessity. With them, you will also never miss a call or message. They support real-time call, text and email notifications. Basically, you will have your calls and messages on the go. Furthermore with social media support you will never be out of the loop. This feature makes smartwatches extremely handy in meetings when you need to respond to messages or decline phone calls discretely. A definite basic need for business people and field staff.

Internet of Things

Smartwatches ability to act as a remote control is not limited to the phone. They are able to control a variety of other systems which have smart watch support such as speaker systems, alarm systems and baby monitor. This ability to control other systems pushes smartwatches into being futuristic gadgets. Since more and more systems are enabling smartwatch support, the possibilities for smartwatches are endless. It is not irresponsible to say that very soon, you will be able to control all your systems from your wrist. A definite plus for anyone who doesn’t enjoy standing up once they have sat down.


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