Top 5 Tricks to Help You Take Perfect Photos with Smartphones

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Ask anyone looking for a smartphone today and the first must-have feature he will tell you is likely to be the camera. However, it is surprising to note that many are those who find it very difficult to take great photos. It is not uncommon to get these phrases, “my hands were not stable when I took this photo” or “I wish I could be a photographer.” Therefore, how do you make perfect photos using a smartphone?

Get it right on the rules of the thirds

This is the bottom line of success in photography. The rule simply requires you to imagine the shot is split into nine rectangular segments with lines running between them. Some of the latest smartphones such as iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and pixel 2 XL allow users to pull out the grid. The target field should fit well in the grids to provide a perfect balance on all sides.

Consider getting a steady support

The main reason why your image on the phone appears blurred is that your hands were unstable. You can only get a clear shot when the camera is steady. One of the best ways of making the phone steady is getting steady support such as a tripod.

If you cannot carry a tripod, consider placing the hands on a stable section such as table or sunroof. Some smartphones even allow users time the camera and take clear shots without standing behind the camera. For those who travel a lot, it is important to practice holding the phone on hands steadily.

Activate the auto-focus for better shots

While most phones allow users to auto-lock the phone focus, it is not the best thing when targeting perfect shots. However, activating the auto-focus allows the smartphone to use all sensors in getting a perfect shot. In many cases, the changes are minor and not noticeable to your eyes. In other cases, you might be focusing on a different thing and forget to adjust the focus when taking a shot. So let the smartphone do the work for you.

Always use HDR mode

The balance of light at the foreground and background areas is very important in photography. For those using latest smartphones with HDR (High Dynamic Rage) filters, make sure to activate them for clearer shots. HDR helps to strike a perfect balance between the dark and bright sections of the image. For example, an outdoor image capturing a bright day will not have the sky obliterating the darker sections of the landscape.

Note that using HDR requires giving the camera ample exposure. This means that you need to maintain the phone in a steady position for longer when taking the photos.

Always take many shots for every target

Though you have the best phone in the market, do not trust yourself in getting the best image in the first shot. Even the best fashion, wedding, and nature photographers take a lot of photos for every scene. Whether it is the London Eye, a shot in the Castle of Doune in Scotland, or playing golf in Wales, always take the photos in stock. Then, select the best for the album, company profile, or Facebook account.


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