Tips to Choosing the Best Smartphone

Tips to Choosing the Best Smartphone
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Whether you’re buying your cellphone with cash or applying for a phone contract to subsidize its cost, you need to make sure you know how to pick the right phone for your needs and budget. When it comes to choosing the right smartphone, it’s not just about what’s popular at the moment. There are key considerations to take into account especially if you want to make your investment count in the long run. To help you along, here are things you can do:

Set Your Budget

Before you start shopping around, it is imperative to set your budget not only for the handset you have in mind but also for the phone bundle you’ll need. Prepare to shell out money if you’re after the latest handsets available in the market today especially if you’re paying for it upfront. If you’re going to get the smartphone via a phone contract, make sure you know how much fixed monthly fee you can afford.

While setting your budget, you’d also want to assess how you will use your phone. Is it mainly for calling, texting or browsing the web? Depending on what you need, you’ll need to find a phone contract deal that offers the right handset and the right phone bundle to suit your needs to a tee.

Choose Your Carrier

Once you’ve set the budget, the next step is to choose your carrier. This is very important since no high end handset will matter much unless you have excellent coverage for your phone services. When comparing providers, other than coverage, you need to consider key factors such as handset selection, call quality and data speed among other things.

Remember that there is no one best carrier for everyone. Sometimes, location may affect the best options for your case. One carrier, for example, may not provide the best coverage for certain areas. Make sure you seek recommendations, read reviews and ask for expert advice before finalizing your decision.

Choose Your Operating System

Once you’ve found your carrier, it’s time to get even more specific. To trim down your handset choices, one of the first things you need to do is determine which operating system would work best with your needs.

Currently, there are three top OS options you can choose from which include iOS by Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Obviously, opting for iOS will make your selection easier since there are just a few handset choices to choose from. If you’re opting for Android or Windows Phone, you’re in for more comparisons and the next tips will help you do just that.

Choose Your Phone’s Size

Smartphones come in different sizes. To help you choose your handset quickly and easily, you can start with size once you’ve settled on your OS option. Available sizes in the market today include the 4-inch iPhone 5S, the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note and the 6-inch Lumia from Nokia.

Depending on your preference, you can easily trim down your choices according to size. If you’re comfortable with smaller sized phones, opt for the 4-inch iPhone. Phablets, on one hand, are also available if you want bigger screens.

Choose Your Specs

To further trim down your options to the best smartphones for your needs, the next thing to look it is the phone’s specifications which include things like processor, RAM, storage, camera, and battery life.

Whether you want to load apps quickly or play games smoothly, the spec to look for is the phone’s processor. Known for their speed and quality, Apple’s iPhone offers a 64-bit power processor that ensures smooth performance most of the time. Not to be left behind is Android’s Snapdragon varieties which allow users to multi task and load apps just as smoothly.

For an even better phone performance, you also need to consider the phone’s RAM or system memory. Choices include 2GB, 3GB and so on. Battery life is another factor. If you’re going to rely on your phone for majority of your communication, email checking and other phone activities, you need a phone with a long battery life.

Of course, let’s not forget about the camera. Different phones have different camera capabilities. There is no one best camera for everyone. The best option, again, will depend on your preference. Just remember that it’s not always about the megapixels.

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