The Epitome of Modern Mobile Design: Anticipating The Samsung Galaxy X

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The mobile world is in for a tremendous shakeup as 2017 promises to be a great year for smartphones and other devices. Several key products will be launching this year, giving consumers plenty to look forward to.

First on most tech manufacturers’ agenda this year are products built on the emerging popularity of virtual reality (VR) products. Apple is set to come out with a completely revamped iPhone in the 4th quarter of the year. The new product line will feature all-glass builds and AMOLED displays, and will most likely compete closely against the highly anticipated Samsung flagship, the Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X is a definite game changer, and while Apple and VR technology stand to gain a huge share of the consumer market, Samsung is essentially assured of its own niche thanks to the Galaxy X’s revolutionary features.

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy X is rumoured to have what is in all likelihood the product’s most talked about feature: a flexible folding Super AMOLED display. This one feature sets the Galaxy X apart from other smartphones because it brings back the old folding clamshell phone design, this time with a modern touch.

As far as screen resolution goes, no official specifications have been released but earlier prototype demos have shown that Samsung’s flexible folding Super AMOLED displays run at full 1080p HD. There are also talks of the Galaxy X featuring a 4K display. If true, the Galaxy X won’t be the first smartphone to feature a 4K display, but it will definitely be one of the coolest looking flagship products on the market.

Other than the rumoured folding clamshell design, no official word on what the Galaxy X might look like has been released yet. However, if Samsung decides to continue with the look and feel of the Galaxy S7 series then consumers can expect the Galaxy X to sport the familiar metal-frame configuration.

Hardware Specifications

Not much is known about what kind of processing power the Samsung Galaxy X will have, but it will most likely depend on what part of the year it comes out, Many of the world’s popular smartphone brands launch their latest flagship models just days before the Mobile World Congress, just like what Samsung did with the Galaxy S8. It is not clear though whether they will do the same for the Galaxy X, or if the product will have its own special release date.

There are speculations that the Galaxy X will have the same fingerprint scanner as the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Note 7, although whether it will also have the latter’s iris scanner is unclear.


To some extent, the type of camera setup the Galaxy X will have will depend on what its processor SoC will be capable of. Features like 4K video and VR support are just some of the capabilities seen in next-gen processor chips, but which of these features make it onto the Galaxy X still remains to be seen. Samsung would be smart to keep the same camera configuration of the Galaxy S7, because over-engineering could be a step in the wrong direction.

In line with the release of the Galaxy X, there are also rumors regarding the Galaxy S8. It is said that the new S series phone will have a dual-camera sensor, similar to what the LG G5, Huawei P9, and the iPhone 7 Plus are equipped with.

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