The Benefits of 4G LTE

The Benefits of 4G LTE
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Considering how far mobile phones have come, it’s now clear that the rate of evolution in the technological advancement of phones has been nothing short of remarkable. 10 or so years ago, it would have been considered a marvel for a phone to have a camera. That’s all changed. Other than just the camera modern phones come with a host of other capabilities and applications such as video recording as well as accessing the internet, sending media and emails. The options to consider are in plenty.

The internet is one thing that has come to be associated with modern smart phones. Customers will often select the brand or model that can access the internet faster than others and because of that one of the things that needs to be taken into account is whether or not you need 4G LTE.

So what exactly is 4G LTE?

You may have heard this term being thrown around lately but have no clue what it refers to. It stands for 4th generation long term evolution. Mobile devices that are 4G enabled are able to send and receive data at extremely high speeds up to 100 mbps. As far as smartphone technology goes, 4G LTE is the best.

What are the Pros?

  1. The first and most obvious benefit of 4G networks is the faster speeds brought about by the increased bandwidth. Users are able to access the internet are great speeds and stream music and videos without worrying about buffering. Video calls are also clear and uninterrupted and teleconferencing is made efficient.
  2. Certain networks such as wifi pose a security threat as they can facilitate hacking and access to sensitive information. The security features in 4G networks are more advanced and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Wifi networks are also limited in that to access them you will need to be within the vicinity of hotspots to be able to access the internet. These hotspots are also limited in their coverage. With 4G networks the coverage is at least 30 miles and has overlapping network ranges, meaning that the users are always covered.
  4. Since other networks use narrow band connection, the audio quality is often of a lower quality compared to 4G networks which offer clearer communication.
  5. Even while 4G technology is more expensive than wifi, the price range is still in the affordable category meaning that it can easily be accessed by most people. It offers more features than 3G and wifi so the slightly extra cost is by far worth it.


What are the Challenges?

As good as it sounds and in fact as good as it is, 4G LTE is not without its fair share of challenges. Before embarking on getting yourself a 4G enabled phone, it’s good to look at some of the issues surrounding this system. Firstly, location is a big factor to keeping in mind when considering 4G LTE. This is because if you live in and around metropolitan areas, then there is availability of the 4G networks and therefore accessing data becomes that far easier. However, if you live in the countryside then the service may be inaccessible.

The nature of your work will also be a determining factor as to whether or not to get a 4G LTE enabled phone. If you are someone who travels a lot such as a salesperson, communication may be affected as the phone changes to and from lower capacity networks. This makes phone calls sound more erratic.

As we can see accessing 4G LTE is dependent on your individual needs. If getting large amounts of data at faster speeds is what you require then by all means get yourself a 4G LTE enabled phone.

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