Quick and simple tips to save your iPhone battery life

Quick and simple tips to save your iPhone battery life
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Yes, our beloved smartphones, powerful processors and ingenious designs. However, one thing they all have in common is their limited battery life. Having a phone go for a whole day without the need to charge it is always marvelled at. And most phones can’t even get that far. Things get a lot worse for the gamers and intensive phone users.

If you’re sick of watching your iPhone battery drain out by the evening, then here are some good practices that would really improve your phone’s battery life.


Enable Wi-Fi assist

Yes, Wi-Fi is everybody’s best friend, but sometimes, it can take your battery power down and fast. Low Wi-Fi signals cause the phone to really struggle in maintaining the signal and end up draining the battery in a much shorter period.

Wi-Fi assist cuts off access to low-signal Wi-Fi hotspots and enables your data usage instead. Only do this is you’ve got a data plan that you don’t mind using since enabling Wi-Fi assist causes a lot more data usage. Head over to Settings > Cellular and enable the option here.


Go to low power mode

This is one of those features that’s hardly used in an iPhone. The low power mode converts your phone into an energy saving machine, only using the most important features you need to get up and running. Whenever your phone gets to 20%, this mode is activated and you’ll experience a much longer lasting battery life.

Simply go to Settings > Battery and switch it on.


Turn on auto-brightness

Another awesome feature is the auto brightness. People are often oblivious to the amount of battery the screen can drain. This is perhaps one of the most battery draining activities on the iPhone – leaving your screen brightness at 100%.

Auto brightness simply adjust the brightness to suit the kind of environs you’re in. This prevents you from constantly readjusting your screen brightness whenever you switch from the outside to inside a building. This feature can be found under the display and brightness section in your settings.


Turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not using them

This should be a no brainer. These wireless services are constantly seeking a connection point whenever they are turned on so if you’re really not using them, then you should turn them off. If your Wi-Fi is on and you’re travelling across the city, you’re iPhone will constantly be looking for new Wi-Fi signals and try to connect to them. In the end, your battery suffers so remember to switch these wireless services off when not using them. Swiping from the bottom of the screen will bring up these options and you can toggle them on or off.


Those are some of the best moves to make when intending to use your phone for a much longer period than usual. Perhaps you’re travelling and forgot your phone charger, or you simply want to enjoy your iPhone more. Taking these measures will surely improve your battery life.

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  1. This is a great post! We’re all so reliant on our mobile phones, but in recent years the biggest obstacle in our way is battery life. Undoubtedly in future years technology will provide us with a solution to keep up with our battery demands but until then, these little tips can save a lot of hassle and inconvenience!


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