IOS 11 Latest Updates: What’s New and What to Expect In Future

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Rarely does apple ever come out and detail what is contained in their updates, but this time they have. The tech company always reserves such announcements for huge updates, not for the relatively incremental regular updates. This is a trend that has started becoming popular in the past few months, as can be seen in the security patches for the iOS 11.2.5. A few weeks ago, Developer and researcher Abraham Masri shared details of a bug that could reportedly allow people to freeze iPhones with something as small as a text message. The bug, aptly named the text bomb, involves users sending URLs in text messages, and as the phone analyzes it, it would trigger a chain of events that would then lead to the phone crashing. Even though it did not provide details, Apple credited Masri in the security notes after fixing the bug.

The iOS 11.3

The 11.2.5 update and security fixes prepares iOS devices for the launch of the Apple HomePod speaker. However, the bigger update is the iOS 11.3, which is set to be unveiled in the spring. The update will particularly deal with battery issues, which have hit the wrong end of the news in recent months. The company has admitted to slowing down of iPhones to prevent the unexpected shutdown due to batteries getting old. The iOS 11.3 update is a response to the backlash that this discovery received, with CEO Tim Cook assuring users that it would disable battery throttling. The iOS update will also show stats like the battery health and provide recommendations on if the battery needs servicing.

Other expected capabilities from the update include

Augmented reality

Apple has for a long time been on a push to make iOS the biggest augmented reality platform in the world. The iOS 11.3 update in the spring is expected to be a major step towards the achievement of this. Apple users and developers can turn the normal posters and signs or artworks into lifelike virtual reality pieces, bringing things like movie posters to life. The update is also expected to improve the view of the real world through the camera. Further, iPhones will now be able to recognize vertical surfaces like walls and doors. At the moment, they can only recognize horizontal surfaces like doors.


Animojis are one of the recent impressive additions into the iPhone. The iOS 11.3 update will feature new animojis. Those that have the iPhone X are familiar with how the animojis enable them use their voice and facials to record and send animated messages which are based on a chosen character. The spring update will have more characters, including a dragon, skull, bear and a lion, among others. There will be a total of 16 new characters.

Other new features include the business chat, which allows users to chat with company service reps directly. The developer version is already available to developer program members, with the iOS 11.3 update expected as a free software update for a variety of devices in the spring.

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