How smartphones are transforming our World

How smartphones are transforming our World
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One thing for sure is that smartphones are an integral part of how people live these days. Just think about it. Go way back before this smart devices were released to the public. You’ll have to agree that people kind of lived differently back then. There were no video calls, online multiplayer games, interesting chat platforms and so on. Thanks to man’s innovation, mobile technology evolved into what it is today and that is not the end. New software and hardware developments are being made every day. So, that brings as to the million-pound question, how are smartphones influencing our lives today?

New markets

Smartphones have played a great role in creation of new markets. This has enabled business men to gain access to markets that were once unexplored before the smartphone came to be. Since a great number of the earth’s population owns these intelligent devices, each one of these people could be a potential customer to a business person. Nowadays, you can take your business anywhere. Using platforms such as email marketing and other search engine optimization techniques, you could advertise your business all the way from East England to North West England just from the palm of your hand.


Presently, information is everywhere thanks to smartphones. Well, the media do play a critical role in disbursing political issues to the public. However, mobile phones have widened the access that citizens have to this information. In fact, it has become so difficult for the Government to hide things from its people recently.

These days, you now know almost everything that is going on in your country due to the internet that you can access using your mobile phone. Therefore, you can hear out what various aspirants have to say, read different manifestos and judge for yourself the regime that would suit your country’s interests. Apart from you, politicians have also taken advantage of these devices by using them as platforms for selling their views to the public and showcasing their political works in terms of leadership and development.


If there is one thing that is really influencing globalization, then it’s the internet. Unlike in the past years where you had to own a computer to access the internet, with smartphones you can go online anytime from anywhere you want. Furthermore, with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on people can stay connected from all over the world. You can video chat with your friend from China while walking the streets of the UK thanks to smartphones. You can call your loved ones and watch them smile and even offer them comfort when they need you most regardless of where they are. Moreover, you also get to know what is going on beyond your borders by accessing television networks such as BBC even from your mobile phone.


Smartphones have also had an impact when it comes to money. Thanks to them, in conjunction with the internet, you can now transfer funds across the globe. Furthermore, you do not have to visit the bank anymore in some places these days. There are various platforms that allow users to withdraw their money from neighbourhood agents instead of going to banks. Besides that, smartphones have eliminated the need to carry loads of cash, thus increasing security when it comes to money. Additionally, local transactions have also been made easier and faster, whereby you can transfer some cash to someone instantaneously. Not only that, but smartphones have made it possible to monitor your investments in real time thanks to specialized stock applications. That said, you can clearly see that smartphones are shaping our lives in a better and creative way.

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