Four Unique Features That Make iPhone X The Best Smartphone Today

Four Unique Features That Make iPhone X The Best Smartphone Today
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The smartphone space has been evolving rather fast. Even before people can finish exploring all the features of a new smartphone, a new model will probably have hit the market. For example, Google Pixel 2 was released only a short moment after Apple released the much awaited iPhone 8. Now, if you are shopping for a new smartphone or looking to upgrade, the previous considerations such as bigger RAM and storage capacity are not the things to focus on. Rather, they should be the bottom line.

One of the latest smartphones to enter the market is iPhone X from Apple. The phone has asserted the superiority of Apple’s innovativeness in the market today. Many people are pointing that iPhone x marks the entry of the next generation smartphones because of the advanced focus on artificial intelligence. In this post, we bring you five unique features that make this phone great and, therefore, a perfect piece for your upgrade.

Sharpest display ever experienced on iPhone

iPhone x comes with a very colourful OLED that has over 2 million pixels. This means that the texts will be sharper while video playback will be more impressive. Also, the screen runs from edge-to-edge to provide users a bigger viewing area without increasing the phone dimensions. Whether you are an executive or a student, the display guarantees better experience preparing reports, taking images, watching videos, or using AR tools.

Facial recognition

iPhone x allows users to register their faces and use it to unlock the phone. No need for passwords and finger scanners anymore. While some earlier models like the Galaxy S8 had introduced a similar feature, Apple took the technology a step further. iPhone x utilizes 3D imagery that helps to make your phone extra secure. Well, this is not all. The facial recognition feature uses the latest AI algorithm that progressively learns when the face changes. For example, if you grow the beard, the feature will note and make adjustments progressively.


How do you like your face with a pig or other animal clip? It would look very funny. iPhone x has made this possible through the Animoji feature. This feature utilizes facial recognition and further allows the user to make short clips of own emotions. Then, you can send the clips to friends and family.

New cameras

iPhone x comes with brand new cameras. It comes with a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 2nd telephoto lens to help with zooming. These are great improvements from the previous iPhone 7 Plus. It is also the first to offer telephoto lens. These advancements help users make better, sharper and clearer images even in low light. One more thing! The front facing camera is enabled to take fancy portrait shots with blurred bokeh for a unique appearance.

Since its debut with the first smartphone in the market about a decade, it appears that Apple wants to make iPhone x more remarkable as its 10th anniversary. This piece was used to usher in a new era of smartphones with a unique focus on AI. The outlined 4 features only point to this phone’s superiority. Go for one to experience even greater thrill with other features such as the Siri and ARtool kit.

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