Four Things to Do When Looking For a No Credit Check Mobile Phone

Four Things to Do When Looking For a No Credit Check Mobile Phone
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Getting a phone contract is the latest and, perhaps best way to buy top mobile phones in the UK today. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds at once for the latest shiny, super-slim, and top of the range smartphone, the phone companies allow a small monthly charge for up to 1 or 2 years. It is easy, fast, reliable, and highly convenient especially to those who find it hard to consolidate hundreds of pounds to buy top smartphones of choice. However, if you have bad credit, the chances are that mobile phone companies will not enter into a contract because you are a risky party.

However, this should not blur your focus to get the latest smartphone and enjoy every moment. The focus should be lowering the risk that a mobile company will take on you if it enters into a contract with you. The following are five must do things when looking for a no credit check mobile phone.

Confirm and correct your credit score with relevant bureau

This should be the first thing every moment you want to deal with a company, institution, or organization that checks on credit score to offer services. Credit reference agencies rely on third party data providers who can at times be late, have omissions, or fail to submit some info altogether. By getting your credit report, it is easy to pinpoint any issue and have it corrected to reflect the correct status. The score might rise with several points that are enough to get you the phone contract of choice.

Compare deals available on different mobile phones and companies

When you have bad credit score, the options of the phones you can pick tends to be limited compared to those with higher scores. However, you have the advantage because the smartphone market has become very competitive and the number of smartphones on sale is very high. For example, while the latest iPhone 7-Plus is perhaps the most expensive in the UK market, there are alternative options that are equally prestigious. Remember that you should also compare what different companies have to offer to get higher value for money.


Establish the right tariff to ride on

For mobile companies, their key mission is optimizing profitability. You have to get this right. Therefore, they will stretch as long as they can to encourage you to join the most expensive tariffs. For example, you will be offered a lot of data, talk time, and SMS per month to join a specific tariff. However, you must be cautious when taking the offer. The secret here is carefully reviewing personal data requirement, talk-time demand, and text messages to select what perfectly fits your needs. If you talk for only 10 minutes every day, a plan that offers far over 300 talk minutes on a month should be avoided.

Look for a co-signee with better credit score

When phone companies look at you from the credit rating point of view, you are considered a high risk party. They fear that you will default and cause them losses. The focus should, therefore, be lowering the element of risk that the company has to take. You can achieve this by looking for a close friend with good credit score to co-sign the contract for you. In this case, it is your friend’s credit score that will be checked and not yours. Remember that you have to consistently clear the payment to avoid putting the co-signee into trouble.


In light of the above, it is correct to say that the kind of deal you get directly depends on how informed you are prior to making a decision!



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