Five Unique Ways to Use the Old Smartphone

Five Unique Ways to Use the Old Smartphone
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The latest smartphones in the market are really awesome. They not only make you feel stylish but create a sense of class. Whether you have just acquired the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 or the latest iPhone 8, one question that will always persist is what to do with the old smartphone. Well, some might argue that selling is easier. However, why bother when there are so many awesome things to do with it? Here are five unique things you can do with the old smartphone.

Make it a car GPS

If the old smartphone has GPS capability, you can turn it into a navigational device. Most of the smartphones designed in the last 5 years come with GPS tracking capabilities. Therefore, all you require is the right tracking application. For example, the CoPilot GPS provides offline regional maps as well as turn-by-turn direction. All that the applications require is an area map of your region. Note that most of these apps are sold for a fee. However, you can still get the same results for free by using Google Maps.

A kitchen command centre

No one wants the expensive new smartphone to get grime, water or soot when working in the kitchen. By turning your old smartphone into a command assistant, all the tasks done in the kitchen can be completed easily through it. For example, you can access cooking videos directly on the old smartphone, prepare shopping list, and download cooking apps. Then, all the details can be synched with the main smartphone.

Use the smartphone as a baby monitor

Video monitors can be really pricey. However, you can use the old smartphone as a Baby Monitor by downloading applications such as Baby Monitor 3G. Then, set the app to notify you when the baby wakes up, starts crying, or makes other movements. If you place the phone on a stand that can rotate to about 360 degrees, it can also monitor the entire room.

Make the smartphone a Skype Station

Your old smartphone can serve as a dedicated Skype webcam or other Voice over Internet Protocol such as Google Hangout. As long as you got steady Wi-Fi, the old smartphone camera will capture the video especially if your laptop camera has low specs camera or none at all.

A special remote control

Many Android smartphones are designed with infrared blasters that will work perfectly well with your DVR, Cable box, or TV. You only need to download the application such as IR Universal Remote to make the app a functional remote control. For those using Apple TV, an iPhone will automatically work as an alternate remote.

A toy for your kids

Every time you get home, the kids cannot get enough of your latest smartphone. Therefore, the old smartphone will be a great way to give them endless time for games, videos, and playing with images. In fact, kids are fast learners and you could easily be melding future apps developers or online gurus. Remember, to transfer all the data on the old smartphone or back it up because kids can accidentally delete it.

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