Five Phone Parameters to Look For When Selecting a Holiday Phone

Five Phone Parameters to Look For When Selecting a Holiday Phone
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The summer is finally here, and it is time to get out and enjoy after a long and chilly winter. Whether you plan to explore gothic structures downtown London, take the family for a golf holiday in Wales or go exploring nature in Ireland, you need to capture every moment and immortalize it. This is where the need for a perfect smartphone comes to play.

For years, people used to carry phones and separate cameras to capture images and videos of enthralling encounters in the wild. However, all the functions have been taken over by smartphones that allow you to capture great images, make videos, upload them online, and even hold video conferencing when on holiday. Here are the five most important components to look for in a holiday smartphone.

Top notch camera

Whether you are in a recreational vehicle, a speed train, or a family car heading to a holiday destination, the desire is to capture perfect images for the traveling album. Therefore, you can never compromise on the smartphone’s camera. Some of the top picks from the market include;

  • Motion eye sensors: This is a unique feature in smartphones such as Sony Xperia XZ Premium that helps to capture images before, during, and after hitting the shutter button. It is the best feature for stabilizing images.
  • Bigger rear camera aperture: Since you are off for a holiday, it is important to be prepared to capture images even during low light sessions. Top smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 have a very big aperture of more than f/1.7 that allows ample light to capture images even in poorly lit areas.
  • Double lens technology and software assisted camera: The performance of a camera depends on its sensitivity and integration with other applications in the smartphone. If you select a smartphone such as the iPhone 7s, it comes with an OIS and software enhancement to make pulling the camera out easy, stabilize images, and clear every picture you capture.

Large storage phone capacity

Once you are off for a holiday, you want to perfectly capture every great feature and make videos for either home or business use. This demands a lot of space. A good smartphone should provide you with large memory capacity to store as many images and videos as possible. Some of the phones with large memory capacities include latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 that have an internal capacity of 256GB each.

Remember that even with the phones that have the largest capacities, it is possible to exhaust it especially if you love making videos. Therefore, you should consider carrying additional storage medium to help empty some of the content if the phone gets full. For example, a laptop with a bigger capacity will be a perfect option.

Longer battery life

When you are out in on holiday, the chances of staying late or even camping in areas with no power supply are very high. Therefore, it is very important to pick a phone with long battery life to avoid dying off when you want to capture images in specific sceneries. Some of the phones with longer battery lives include the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, the iPhone 7s, the Nokia Asha 200, Motorolla N9, and LG G6.


The right augmented reality tools

Holiday is no longer about relaxing in a hotel the entire two weeks when traveling to the Himalayas, African Savannah, or exploring the rich Alpine forest in Austria. Rather, it is all about discoveries. By selecting a phone with appropriate augmented reality tools, you can interpret texts, measure lengths of buildings, and even discover plants by simply pointing the camera at them.

Your phone can make a holiday unforgettable or a complete failure. In addition to the outlined components, it is also important to pick the smartphone with a great display, faster processing capacity, and top notch network connectivity. Remember that if you must use the internet network to get directions, maps should be saved appropriately to avoid getting lost when connectivity gets limited.

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