A Look at Outrageous Common Mobile Phone Myths

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We all heard them, read them and even implored by clueless friends that should we not follow and observe them to the letter, we are doomed. I am talking about mobile phone myths some of which are outrageous so to speak. We’ve come to take the said myths as gospel truths that challenging the fallacious beliefs has become somewhat of an uphill task. We all have received emails forwarded religiously every now and then on the dos and don’ts regarding mobile phones and their use. However, most of these are just myths and untruths meant to whip us into line or observe some of tradition premised on fear. That said, let’s take a look at some of the most common outrageous mobile phone myths.

Myth #1: using your mobile phone at the petrol station can lead to an explosion

I mean, who wouldn’t be worried about this prospect? This myth, as uninformed as it is, has been held as gospel truth since mobile phones became mainstream. However, this belief is unfounded and baseless so to speak. The truth of the matter is that the electromagnetic field that is created by mobile phones and the current generated by the batteries are far too weak to ignite an explosion. So why are the warnings clear in phone manuals as well as gas stations? Why is it that mobile phone users are strongly warned to desist using their mobile phones at petrol stations? Well, believe you me, it is a case of being safer than sorry.

Myth #2: you receive a free phone under a phone contract

The principle of economics state that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is free to you is essentially a cost to someone else. As such, the idea that you receive a free phone under a phone contract is nothing more than a myth. The truth of the matter is that the cost of phone is included in the amount of money you will be repaying monthly.

Myth #3: charging your phone battery on a daily basis ultimately reduces its battery life

Well, this used to be true for old cell phone models that first hit the market and prominently used NiMH and NiCd batteries. The same cannot be said of contemporary mobile phones that make use of Li-Ion polymer batteries that can be charged daily without affecting the life of the battery.

Myth #4: using a mobile phone affects fertility in men

Of course, this is bound to cause a panic on all men considering that infertility is something that no man wishes even on their worst enemy. However, considering the fact that there have not been any conclusive studies or evidence to show that mobile phone use affects fertility, this will still remain to be a myth.

Myth #5: if you don’t get a good network coverage from your provider at home, the provider is not good

Well, this is false in every sense. The truth of the matter is that mobile phones use radio technology. As such, just the same way as your car radio every once in a while receives poor reception in certain places, so does your mobile phone. If you therefore live in a place where there is poor reception or the network is not good, it’s not right to unilaterally place the blame on the network provider or think it’s because they offer poor services.


In light of the above, it’s important to be well informed and not follow the masses simply because of myths that have been advanced since time immemorial!

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