4 Of the Biggest Smartphone Feature Trends For 2018

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Every year, new smart phones are introduced into the market, with new features and technologies. For most fans, this is the most glorious time of the years, when they get to see the technologies they have only heard of. Fans of the biggest phone brands wait all year to be able to upgrade to the latest brands. 2017 was different, though; it was the year when this cycle seemed to have hit a plateau, with many of the innovations stalling and phones looking all too identical. This stall is not good for the phone companies, but for the consumer, this might be a blessing in disguise. The average consumer can now be able to predict what to expect with a high likelihood of accuracy. Here are some of the things one should expect from new phones in 2018:

Facial recognition

Made popular by Apple in 2017, the facial recognition is likely to be a main feature in almost all phones in 2018. Companies have already started introducing it, with One Plus rolling out its basic version in the 5T. After Samsung’s facial recognition was widely criticized in the S8, it is likely that the new phone’s facial recognition will be much more secure and smooth. LG and Google are also expected to follow suit with their new 2018 phones when they launch.

Fingerprint scanners

Fingerprint scanners are not exactly new, but there has been little consensus regarding where they should be. Even though it is expected that Apple will get rid of the fingerprint scanner in 2018, it is far from being obsolete. Generally, companies follow Apple’s lead but with the fingerprint scanner, more companies are expected to introduce the embedded fingerprint scanner, using it to among other things unlock their screens. Many brands, especially those that have budget phones, have been releasing devices with rear fingerprint scanners. Indications are that in 2018, there will be fewer fingerprint scanners.

Dual cameras

They were once exclusive to the world’s most expensive phones, but dual cameras seem to be spreading to some of the more budget phones. Google has incorporated this technology in the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL and most companies seem to be following suit. Companies have realized that incorporating two lenses into their cameras means better pictures, especially in low light. Phones like the One Plus 5T and the Huawei Honor 7X have it, and it is expected that manufacturers will continue option for the dual camera in their more impressive phones.

Full screen display

This is another feature that has been almost exclusively reserved for the more expensive phones. Again, Apple and Samsung, the world’s leading mobile phone companies, are leading in this regard. New phones are getting rid of the home button such that the edges that surround smartphone screens are kept to a minimum. The way innovations work is that as consumers see and get used to these new features, they begin demanding phones that have them. Full screen displays will no doubt be one of the things consumes demand in 2018.

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